Reasons choosing us

Reasons for Choosing Us

  •     Warm welcome & friendly atmosphere
  •     English, French and German spoken
  •     Excellent breakfasts (See comments on the Web)
  •     Two restaurants nearby, within a 5-minute walk (June-October; only one restaurant open the rest of the year
  •     Breathtaking view of the sea and the river
  •     Great spot
  •     Beautiful, antique design
  •     Many attractions around: hiking trails, beach, kayaking, Éole Cap-Chat, & more!
  •     45 minutes from Parc national de la Gaspésie
  •     Chic-Choc Mountain Lodge pick-up spot nearby
  •     We know a lot about the area and can give you accurate information
  •     Because you want to have a B&B experience
  •     Because we offer great deals for 3 and 4 night stays, high season included!
  •     Because there isn’t any or enough snow where you live, so you can’t do your favourite winter activities anymore.

Reasons For Not Choosing Us

  •     You like modern accommodations
  •     You need a TV set
  •     You need a private bathroom
  •     Your situation makes you a noisy guest after 10:00 pm
  •     You prefer not to respect some easy rules so that everyone can enjoy a pleasant stay
  •     You can’t make it by 10:30pm
  •     You want to use our stove
  •     You’re interested in our B&B because of its cheap rates, but you actually don’t like B&Bs and to be with other people