Author's Writing Month


"If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word."

Margaret Atwood

Our passion for reading and writing made us launch Authors’ Writing Month in April 2017, and it now comes back every April and November. It’s the time of year when the B&B hosts people who want to live an author-in-residency experience in our part of the world.

Putting some time aside to write… for yourself or your readers… to experiment — and get inspired by— the sea; its colours, sea spray, salt, roar and moods… the mountains; their strength, their silence and their history… the wildlife; small and big, whose habitat is the coast or the forest… the skies; clear, cloudy, filled with stars or dancing Northern lights… the people; those who have always lived in the Haute-Gaspésie, and those who have just fallen in love with the area and are slowly taking root into this new land.

"How long should I stay?", you wonder. Well, you choose! It all depends of your preferences and availability.

As for us, we assign you with a room and provide you with comfortable equipment (living room, writing table & dining room), so that you can dive into your writing; and we cook you tasty and healthy meals, so you can fuel up for many other hours of writing. Also, if you wish, we can do a first editing of the text you will have written during your stay (included in the package).