Plan your tour of The Upper Gaspé, the activities you’ll do in the Gaspé area, and how much time you’ll need to do them.

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Question 1 :

Did you know that the Gaspé region is divided into five sectors?

The Gaspé region covers five sectors: The Coast, which includes The Métis and The Matanie; The Upper Gaspé, which is famous for its mountains and breathtaking coastline; Land’s End; Chaleur Bay; and The Valley. Since you do not want your vacation to be a race against time… the whole time, we recommend you sleep in 3, 4 or 5 of these sectors—a 5-night stay being a minimum to really start enjoying what the Gaspé has to offer. If you plan to stay in the area a few days only, it is better if you explore one or two sectors and to come back to the Gaspé another time to explore the other sectors. The fact is: those who spend a maximum of 2 or 3 nights in their whole tour of the Gaspé don’t often get the opportunity to get out of their car! We’re talking about a 900-km drive around the peninsula; or 1,500km, going to national parks, restaurants and tourist attractions. With an average driving speed of 75km/hour, this means 15 to 20 hours behind the wheel.

If you’re driving from the west, you’ll notice that our B&B is right at the beginning of The Upper Gaspé, every sportsperson’s playground in the Gaspé. Home to Parc national de la Gaspésie, The Upper Gaspé is indeed renowned for its wide variety of winter and summer outdoor activities.

The Upper Gaspé’s two main cities, Cap-Chat and Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, are located 3 hours from Gaspé and Forillon National Park, which, we guess, is your next stop.

Question 2 :

How long do you plan to stay at our B&B, in The Upper Gaspé?

Question 3 :

Please select, in the list below, the number that best corresponds to your favourite type of activities. This will help determine the length of your stay in The Upper Gaspé.

0=I do not intend to do these activities while touring The Upper Gaspé.
1=I intend to do these activities only if I’ve got time/the weather allows.
2=I intend to do at least one of these activities.
3=I intend to do some of these activities.
4=I’m interested in doing these activities only if the sun is out.

3A-Hiking or Skiing in Parc national de la Gaspésie

3B- Wildlife Observation (mainly moose and salmon)

3C-Local Shops

3D-Mountain Hiking & Strolls along the beach (free outdoor activities)

3E-Extreme Sports (Hang-Gliding, Canyoning, Sea/River Kayaking, 4x4 Safari, Sea Excursions, etc.)

3F-Art Galeries

3G-Cultural & Educational Activities (concerts, museums, etc.)


Question 4 :

Where do you intend to book your next night after having stayed at our B&B?

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